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Over the last few years our holiday workshops have gone from strength to strength receiving outstanding feedback from both parents and children. We continue to aim high giving children the opportunity to explore the world of Musical Theatre and these Musicals in particular, in depth and over a short period of time

We write our own storyline around the Musical to condense it and choose the most popular songs to add to what becomes a showcase in the main Theatre at the end of the workshop. We offer complimentary seats for all our cast friends and family to watch the performance that is usually around 1 hour long. 

We have been endlessly praised for what we manage to achieve in the short space of time we have to work with the children. We work hard as do the children and the end result makes smiles and memories for years to come. 

Our workshop days start at 9am and finish at 5pm unless its the final day and the performance begins at 4pm. 

We welcome children from 5 years to 14 years. 

All children take part at a level that suits them and we even have children who prefer to explore stage management or the backstage side of producing Theatre for their own workshop experience. 

It's friendly, inclusive and a highlight of the summer where new friendships are formed and not just performing arts skills developed , but new life skills and confidences as well. 

We invite regular Little Cherries / LCNS and new customers to join us on our fabulous holiday workshops.  

Please make your bookings using the links below. Payment in full is required in advance. You will receive a confirmation and further information email 1/2 weeks before the workshop begins or when we are fully subscribed but if you have any questions or would like to check your booking went through in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing 

**A little small print is that the workshops are non-refundable but if 2 weeks notice is given the credit may be transferred to a future workshop. 


ALADDIN - 28th and 29th May 

Close your eyes and make a wish or 2 or 3 - It's time for a ride on the magic carpet with Aladdin! 

2 day workshop on Thursday 28th May and Friday 29th May

£36 per child. 

We Will Rock you - 27th July to 29th July 

This futuristic storyline is going to appeal to so many of our Cherries as its set in a futuristic world so full of technology. Sadly  individuality and rock music are almost now unknown. It follows the story of how this is resolved. Expect great music based on the songs from Queen and an almost comedic storyline. Our version will, it goes without saying be a cut-down and very child friendly version. We expect singing and dancing in the aisles from our workshop showcase audience. 

Full price £54 

Single workshop early bird price £48

Further discounts available if booked with another workshop. 

School of Rock - 3rd August to the 5th August

School of Rock is a musical and a film that has seen much success and appreciation and it is one of our favourites here at Little Cherries. Once again we're rocking away this workshop with fantastic songs and much humour. The story tells of a lazy musician who poses as a teacher and sets to form a band with his students. 
There are lots of fantastic roles to play in our story but we're also hoping to stage live music in this - just like the West End Musical. So if your child plays an instrument to Grade standard please do let us know in advance, upon booking. Please email 
Prepare to be amazed at the rock concert of the year. 

Full price £54 

Single workshop early bird price £48

Further discounts available if booked with another workshop. 

The Sound Of Music - 27th August and 28th August 

This all time classic musical needs little introduction. A true heart warmer with very famous songs that will stay in your head for days to come. Our Sound of Music will be a 2 day workshop at the end of the summer holidays. What a wonderful way to finish summer 2020. 

Full price £36

Single workshop early bird price £30 

Discounts available if booked with another workshop. 

2 day workshop - May 28th and 29th.
Price: £36.00
We Will Rock U
3 day workshop. 27th to 29th July. CURRENTLY ON OFFER
Price: £48.00
School of Rockish
3 day workshop. 3rd - 5th August. CURRENTLY ON OFFER
Price: £48.00
Sound Of Music
2 day workshop. 27th and 28th August. CURRENTLY ON OFFER
Price: £30.00
Rock U and School of Rock
Both 3 day workshops
Price: £90.00
Sound of Music + Rock U
2 workshop offer
Price: £72.00
Sound of Music + School of Rock
2 workshop offer
Price: £72.00
Summer bundle
We Will Rock U
School of Rockish
Sound Of Music

Price: £116.00

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