Little Cherries  - C
Guiseley Theatre Little Cherries

Guiseley Theatre Little Cherries is situated in Guiseley Theatre in Leeds 20. 

This class is held on a Monday and welcomes boys and girls from 4 to 9 years.

Class time is 5.40pm to 6.45pm.

Session cost is £5 per child with a sibling discount available. 

Guiseley Theatre Little Cherries is very much led by the children in attendance. We listen and we make sure they are actively involved in their drama and musical theatre and song choices. 

Cherry-bear always has a difficult decision in who to go home with as all the children work and play so hard in their sessions. 

As at February 2020 we have a busy register with just a few spaces left for new Little Cherries to join us. 

Please do get in touch in for a complimentary trial session at this great Little Cherries in this nostalgic community Theatre. 

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