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Little Cherries 
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Little Cherries is a fabulously successful group of clubs offering fun based Children's Drama and Musical Theatre teaching in different venues in the Leeds and Bradford area. 
For the past 12 years Cherries has been operating successfully offering weekly clubs exploring drama and musical theatre to primary school aged children. It has had periods of fantastic growth and has developed a very strong reputation. 
Sarah Bishop is the owner of Little Cherries and has 28 years experience working with children. She holds diplomas in childcare and in drama and although Cherries is branded as an activity club rather than a childcare setting , Sarah uses the extensive experiences, knowledge, qualifications and training that she has gained in that time to the best advantage to make certain that Cherries offers an excellent service for children and families in the community. 

Kim Blount is the Deputy Manager of Little Cherries and has 6 years experience working with children. She is a talented musician and holds a distinction in music performance diploma having attended Leeds College of Music. 
Cherries clubs mission statement  
To give boys and girls from 4 to 14 years the opportunity to explore Musical Theatre at a level that suits them. Regardless of their performing arts ability. 

Little Cherries Ethos 
To offer singing, dancing and drama coaching through fun sessions and staged performances . Developing performing arts ability, many essential life skills and offering a fun based activity club.
We will welcome boys and girls from 4 years old to 14 years old - please check as each club has a different age range. 

We will work on developing friendships, confidence, independence and theatrical skills. Roles in shows will be tailor made to suit individual children and all children will be praised and encouraged by the staff, other children and through reward schemes (especially Cherry-bear) 
We will develop the shy and quiet and we will focus and channel the more excitable and enthusiastic.
We aim to produce 2 staged shows per year , where each group will be invited to perform their current work at Guiseley Theatre (June and December.
We pride ourselves on our friendly and approachable manner - and we are committed to offering an excellent service.
In each of our clubs we continue to build a happy and accessible assemblage through our work at the sessions , a good relationship with the School or community and giving families the chance to be part of a club that teaches, supports, encourages and offers fabulous showcases, events and much more! 

We make many memories for many people. 

We were delighted to be nominated in the Child Friendly Leeds awards 2019! 
Please explore the rest of the website to find out more about Cherries - or use one of the contact us methods on the home page.

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